IJCCI Language School

IJCCI Language School Students learning to make "Origami Samurai Hat" at the school on 22.12.2019.

Award winning Japanese Film Screening subtitled in English “Nobody to Watch Over Me” (Daremo Mamotte Kurenai) 6.00 p.m. on 5th October 2019 at IJCCI Premises.

Screening of Japanese Cultural Videos at IJCCI on 22nd June 2019.

IJCCI Language School students learning “ Monkiri “, Japanese tradional art at the school on 20.07.2019.

Japanese Language Speech Contest at IJCCI on 04.03.2018

The Student Club of IJCCI Language School (Kouryuu Kurabu ) met on 17th December 2017

The Student Club of IJCCI Language School (Kouryuu Kurabu ) met on 17th December 2017 for a two hour session on Japanese culture and language.

The session was led by Satomi Ueda sensei from Tokyo. Students were taught a folk song in Japanese, titled 'hitori no chiisana te' and

later, the students made origami Christmas trees to celebrate the year-end with the help of Ueda sensei. Nakaya sensei of Japan Foundation Chennai also interacted with students.

Students enjoyed interacting with Ueda sensei and Nakaya sensei.

JF Standard Mini Workshop Seminar By Mr.Jun Arisue at IJCCI language school

SEMINAR ON JF STANDARD BY Ms. Geethanjali Rajan at IJCCI on 06.08.2017.

IJCCI Language School is in existence since 1989. The School conducts Japanese Language classes, both class room teaching and distance education, offers coaching for Japanese Language Proficiency Tests for all levels – JLPT N5 till N1, and special Japanese language conversation courses, as well as language programmes to suit the requirements of business organizations, when required.

The school has a well equipped Reference Library with over 3,000 books on Japan in Japanese and English and a good collection of audio and video materials received through generous donations from the Japan Foundation.

Japanese Language Classes are conducted throughout the year to prepare students for the different levels of the Japan Foundation's Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT).

Need-based conversation classes, both short-term and long-term, are conducted for the benefit of corporate houses. Corporate Executives are given special coaching to read, write and speak in Japanese language under a Fast Track Programme, to help communicate with their Japanese counterparts. Special Japanese Language Classes are also conducted for students of professional colleges on request.

A Distance Education Programme for the benefit of outstation students not able to attend the regular classes, facilitates students to acquire proficiency in Japanese Conversation. A specially designed programme to enable outstation students to read, write and speak Japanese language and appear for JLPT is also being offered by the language school. A Kaiwa Club (Conversation Club) addresses the communication problem among students in conversing in the language and helps them hone their Japanese skill to speak without any inhibition.