Nippon Basic Co. Ltd. (

Offers solution to clean and healthy drinking water technology. Manufactures and markets 4 types of water-purifying equipments both affordable and portable. The company was founded in 2005 in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. The Founder, Mr. Katsuura has over 3 decades of experience in water-purifying technologies. He was recognized and honoured as the most outstanding entrepreneur of 2006 by Kawasaki City. He was also engaged with the municipal office on its water environmental projects.

Shinko Holdings Co. Ltd. / Nobitsu Technosu Co. Ltd. (

Specialist in waste management – hydrothermal treatment technology, proper disposal and recycling of various waste materials. Manufacturer of dyeing machines for over 50 years, the company offers solutions to all kinds of waste problems, technologies for re-cycling different types of waste materials like rare metals from mobile phones, substrates, waste tires, PET bottles, urethane insulation materials, waste toner, construction waste materials, also into waste management

Nakayama Iron Works Ltd. (

Founded in 1908, Nakayama Iron works is into design and manufacture of crushers, screens, sand-making machines, belt conveyors; rock crushing and recycling plants ; crawler-mounted recycling machines and equipments ; soil remediation machines and equipments ; environmental pollution control machines and equipments. Keen to establish hydro and solar business with Indian counterparts.

Totetsu Manufacturing Co. Ltd. (

Founded in 1988, Totetsu Manufacturing offers a variety of solutions in rain water harnessing and water treatment technologies and solutions ; civil engineering related products ; river and harbour related products ; exterior products related to environmental conservation and safety etc.

Tottori Resource Recycling Inc. (

Established in 2001, offers technology for water treatment in industries, solution to water pollution in agricultural lands, lake and aqua culture farms ; microbial deodorizing solutions for food industry, feed manufacturing etc., kitchen waste disposal ; soil conditioning technologies etc.

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