Kaiwa Club

The Language School of IJCCI has formed a Conversation Club, ‘ Kouryuu Kurabu’- meaning ‘Interaction Club’. This is to help students build their conversation skills in Japanese language. The club will be managed by the students.  The monthly meeting of the club will be handled by the Club Secretariat, ably assisted by the teachers of the Language School .  The club activities will include:

May 2017 Events

The kouryuu kurabu activity of 27th May 2017, skits in Japanese, was a great success with all classes participating in writing and enacting short skits in Japanese. The enthusiastic students had an enjoyable and fun evening. The event was coordinated by Ms Nivedita and Ms Shwetha, office bearers of the kouryuu kurabu. The topics were varied and involved scenes on visiting a doctor, shopping, ordering at a restaurant and meeting of friends.

Activity : The kouryuu kurabu activity
Date and time : 27th May 2017 / 6.30 p.m. onwards
Venue: IJCCI Language School, Teynampet.

Inauguration of Kouryuu Kurabu