The first introductory class on Bonsai for the registered members of IJCCI Bonsai Chapter will commence on Saturday, 28.04.2018.
If you have not registered already please register by 25th April. Registration form can be down loaded from our website.

The current issue of IJCCI Newsletter and Resource Paper on Samurai – February 2018 - is now available for reading. Please click here to download. NEWSLETTER AND RESOURCE PAPER Happy reading.

President's Message

The Indo-Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry has completed its Silver Jubilee in December 2014 and we have drawn up a number of plans for the future. A bilateral Chamber like ours must strike new paths and new directions to make itself more effective and more useful to members. Personally I feel, the Chamber should become a Knowledge Bank for furthering the relations between India and Japan in a bigger and bolder way

Together we must strive to increase the membership and should make earnest efforts to strike roots in different parts of India. In fact our aim will be to facilitate any Indian businessman who looks up to Japan to turn to IJCCI for guidance and help.

The diplomatic relations between India and Japan today is at its historic high. However, there is an information gap in both the countries about the potentials and opportunities. IJCCI will make earnest efforts to fill this lacuna by organising a number of linguistic, cultural and economic programmes from to time. It will also bring out publications, all of which will find the place in our web site.

I hope you would appreciate our efforts. I would welcome suggestions in strengthening our activities.

- N. Kumar

IJCCI offers the following services :

  • Provide information on trade and investment
  • Offer leads for export-import trade in select areas
  • Educate the Japanese business community on investment potentials in India
  • Arrange meetings of business leaders and officials
  • Identify right partners for the right business
  • Establish business and government contacts in the States and the Centre
  • Organize visits of industrial teams to and from Japan

The IJCCI Song